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I have been a breeder for 20 years. I have very small cattery and all my persians are treated like pets. They are the love of my life and they give me lots of love! Sir garfield got the second best of color in the northwest region and thinker bell was the first calico smoke shown. My goal is to produce the chocolate and lilac chinchillas and bicolor. I have white that are also chocolate carriers! I am breeding for excellent health and personality! My persians have been tested for pkd at the university of california and are negative.

My price for pets are $300. To $400. Breeders go for $500. To $900. And top show are $1500. And up! I do not feed my persians raw meat! I believe this can get them very sick!

I do ship! Airfare is about $259. Vet check is $90. Shots are about $20. Carrier is $39. If you want two kittens they can go in one carrier and and the shipping for two will cost about $259.